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  • Medical Clinic ll-a-vache - In progress 2

    Medical Clinic Île-à-Vache

    We designed and built a medical clinic in the sea-side town of Île-à-Vache that serves those seeking treatment from cholera and HIV.

  • Fire Station Jeremie Complete

    Fire Station Jérémie

  • Miragoane Church after renovation

    Co-Cathédrale, Mirogoane

    The Cathedral was originally built in 1884 and suffered severed damage in the 2010 earthquake. The first phase of reconstruction consisted of reinforcing the walls, replacing the roof structure, and installing X-bracing to enable the building to withstand up to a magnitude 5 earthquake with minimal damage. The second phase, to be carried out by MIYAMOTO […]

  • Thomasin 25 - Progress

    Thomasin 25

  • Rue Rebecca - In Progress

    Rue Rebecca

    This project consisted of renovating an existing three story building in the heart of Petion-Ville. The building was in poor condition and required substantial renovation, structural modifications, and design changes to convert it to a Class A commercial building.

  • Route 9 Church Roof - Progress

    Route 9 – Church Roof

    Route 9 Cité Soleil is listed as Nursing School with a brochure. The same address is also listed as Church Roof. Which is the correct

  • Mirbalais - Ecole de Choix

    Mirbalais School

    This project had a strong emphasis on adaptability in remote areas and YCF Group placed the winning bid for one of the biggest schools in rural Haiti which included 15 classrooms, a kitchen, a computer lab, bathrooms, and a play area (

  • Minustah - Generator Pa at Minustah


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  • Jacques 1er - Complete

    Jacques 1er

    Occupying two floors and 15 classrooms, the school was badly damaged during the 2010 earthquake. Rehabilitation involved the reconfiguration of the center building to give it a dynamic identity. The interior walls were demolished and rebuilt in a lighter steel material and new windows with metal panels were added. The project included the rehabilitation of […]

  • Gheschio - Progress

    Gheschio Medical Clinic

    GHESKIO Centers in Port-au-Prince, Haiti was the first institution in the world dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS. GHESKIO has provided continuous medical care in Haiti since 1982 – never once shutting its doors or charging fees. For more information visit