Design and Construction

  • Medical Clinic ll-a-vache - In progress 2

    Medical Clinic Île-à-Vache

    We designed and built a medical clinic in the sea-side town of Île-à-Vache that serves those seeking treatment from cholera and HIV.

  • Fire Station Jeremie Complete

    Fire Station Jérémie

  • Thomasin 25 - Progress

    Thomasin 25

  • Mirbalais - Ecole de Choix

    Mirbalais School

    This project had a strong emphasis on adaptability in remote areas and YCF Group placed the winning bid for one of the biggest schools in rural Haiti which included 15 classrooms, a kitchen, a computer lab, bathrooms, and a play area (

  • Jacques 1er - Complete

    Jacques 1er

    Occupying two floors and 15 classrooms, the school was badly damaged during the 2010 earthquake. Rehabilitation involved the reconfiguration of the center building to give it a dynamic identity. The interior walls were demolished and rebuilt in a lighter steel material and new windows with metal panels were added. The project included the rehabilitation of […]

  • Delmas 29 - A Mini Production Facility - In Progress

    Delmas 29 – A Mini Production Facility

    Delmas, a commune in Port-au-Prince, is one of the richest arrondissements of Port-auPrince and is known as the commercial and industrial heartland of the capital.